When the words “chemical peel” are mentioned, many people immediately imagine the horrors displayed in movies, but the myth of painful raw, red skin needs to be debunked.

The truth is that chemical grade peels are varying strength of fruit acids applied with expert care. Slight tingling is managed during the treatment, and followed up with calming agents. The result is a smoother, brighter, lighter complexion with no bleeding.

There are several purposes to peels, which is dependent on your specific needs and skin goals. A single layer peel can be applied during a facial to help loosen dead cells and clean out clogged pores. To address deep wrinkles, large pores, pigmentation, sun damage, or acne, a monthly series of three to six peels is usually recommended. The stronger peels are applied in customized layers. This process results in one day of tight feeling, slightly flushed skin, followed by the skin shredding dead cells for the next several days. There is no excessive downtime involved.

Prior to jumping into peels, it is important to have an established treatment and skincare routine for optimum skin health. Peels are typically part of a part of a 2 to 6 month plan of action, based on individual client needs.

During your consultation, Wendy will help determine the best course of treatment for you to achieve the healthiest skin possible. Give Wendy a call at 630-404-4779 to get started today!