Your face is the only one you’re going to get, make sure you are taking good care of it with quality skincare products. The skincare industry can be very confusing. To help make sense of it, you should be talking with a licensed esthetician who can steer you in the right direction based on the condition of your skin. This professional can help develop a regime for you based on your skincare goals .

A licensed esthetician will likely suggest that you stay away from drugstore and cosmetic products and encourage you to try a professional line of skincare. Products found at your local drugstore are mass-marketed to entice the buyer with impressive claims, however these products are generally made with high chemical, high fat synthetic ingredients that have no real clinical value to them. The ingredients do not penetrate and often strip your skin of vital oils. Cosmetic grade skincare offers a small improvement for a hefty price tag. In many cases, the cosmetic grade product have a single corrective ingredient in a small concentration, such as fruit acid to renew the skin. The professional skincare counterpart includes a variety of plant derived ingredients that are balanced to provide results to soften hydrate and smooth your skin.

Skincare from a professional line does not have to be expensive. In many cases it is more affordable than the less effective cosmetic grade products. wendycityfaces carries three lines of product that are at varying price points to suit your skincare needs.

My most corrective line is Glo Skin Beauty with plant extracts with anti-aging properties. I use these products in all my treatments, and my clients have seen awesome results in their skin balance and firmness when using the products at home. I recommend a daily three-step program plus an exfoliate and eye cream. This line can accommodate any skin condition with a large variety of options.

I also have brought in Image Skin care, a new pro line that clients are loving. The Vitamin C product line has great anti-aging ingredients. Additionally, the sunblocks are wonderful. The regimen is simple, and the price point is a little lower than Glo.

Third, I have Réjuvasea, which is an amazing product line of very basic products. These products have sea plankton that hydrates and cools. This line is great for very dry red sensitive skin that struggles to find balance. The star product here is the night cream but I use it day and night as well .

During your consult at your first facial, we will sample and find the right blend for you. I guarantee you will see your skin improve and maintain a great balance.