Mary Ellen came to me wanting to look her best for her 25th wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony. I start all my facials with a complementary skin consultation before proceeding with treatment. Her main concerns were her adult breakout, and she also had confused combination skin, which was a result of the product she was using. Mary Ellen was using the wrong skincare products for her skin, which caused redness, dehydration, and irritation. The uneven pigmentation made her skin look rougher than it really was. Mary Ellen also had darkness around the eyes.

The goal for Mary Ellen was to create a smoother, more even toned complexion. We accomplished this with a series of microphototherapy treatments, combined with a facial, and three chemical peels. (I have written about the myths and facts associated with chemical peels here.) Microphototherapy treatments are effective for anti-aging and fine lines, while the peels helped to address Mary Ellen’s large pore size, breakouts, and uneven pigmentation. To combat Mary Ellen’s adult acne, green light therapy was used, in addition to high-frequency treatment, which shrinks hard cysts. High-frequency can be included in every facial at wendycityfaces at no additional cost.

To complement the treatments, Mary Ellen added Illuma products from Image to lighten and brighten her skin, and vitamin C products which work to reduce redness and promotes younger looking skin. Her overall pigmentation and adult acne really improved by her anniversary party.

The initial treatment lasted 12 weeks, and Mary Ellen was thrilled with the progress she made toward lighter, brighter skin. Improving pigmentation is a long process, and can be achieved with the frequent use of sunscreen, high quality products and regular treatments. Mary Ellen continues to receive monthly treatments but is thrilled with her brighter and smoother skin.

Mary Ellen before treatment

Mary Ellen day of event without make up (left) and with makeup (right)

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