The quest for good skin, or repairing problem skin, comes from a combination of good services and product.

Angie is a great example. Angie is getting married in August and was very upset about the state of her skin. She suffered from extremely oily but dehydrated, raw, breakout ridden skin. She tried to combat this by washing her face numerous times a day, which did little for her already stripped complexion. Her self-confidence wasn’t helped when she was told by a local plastic surgeon, that in order to improve her look she would need to spend $26,000 on procedures. I was thrilled to meet with Angie and assure her we could improve her overall skin and look, by her wedding date, for a more reasonable cost!

I devised a customized series of treatments, which consisted of facials, chemical peels, and light therapy, with the goal of improving her texture, calming her breakouts and balancing her oil production.

Twice a week for the first four weeks, Angie was treated to an acne repair treatment including an ultrasound pore cleaning and green light therapy to calm the redness. In addition to the treatments, we overhauled Angie’s basic home regime with quality products and a manageable treatment schedule. She also visited Dr. Honore Woodside for some Botox and facial fillers which helped to even out her forehead and bring out her cheekbones, all for a fraction of the cost of unnecessary plastic surgery.

Angie is thrilled to be receiving complements on her new and improved look, and has made it a priority to maintain her balanced, calm skin with a monthly visit to wendycityfaces. She is overjoyed with the results and cannot wait to meet her groom at the altar in August.

Below are Angie’s before and after photos:

LEFT: Closeup of very congested, oily skin
RIGHT: Clear, balanced skin with reduced pore size

LEFT: Prior to treatment with Dr. Honore Woodside
RIGHT: After botox and fillers to address cheekbones and forehead

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