Skin Care Services

Wendycityfaces is proud to offer a wide range of clinical skincare services, facials, medical-grade chemical peels, anti-aging treatments, and acne treatments using the most advanced tools in the industry and powerful professional product lines.

A variety of products are available, including botanical skin care, sensitive skin care, and anti-aging products that can be combined specifically for you to achieve your personal skin care goals.

Taking care of skin and educating clients on skin care is one of Wendy’s passions! With over 20 years of experience plus licensed credentials in high-end and pharmaceutical-grade skin care, Wendy believes that a combination of professional, organic products, plus personalized treatments will bring about the best change in your skin. The products used in her treatments include Glo Skin Beauty, Image Skincare, and Rejuvasea. Plus, your spa treatment does not have to end with your appointment; Wendy also offers these products for home use as well.

Contact Wendy to discuss your unique needs, and create a customize a treatment plan that will best suit your skin goals.

Facial Services

Facial products are customized to address skin problem areas including acne, fine lines, pores, and color and texture irregularities and include a cleanse, steam/enzyme, extractions, facial massage, and customized treatment mask with acupressure. Please allow 2 hours for facial services.

Basic Facial – $95
Gently wash away impurities, deeply cleanse, and slough away dull surface cells, while delivering skin-strengthening antioxidants to sooth, protect, and repair dry skin.

Express Mini Facial – $65
Includes a basic cleanse, steam, exfoliate, mask and moisturizer.

Custom Facial – $120
Beyond the basic, each personalized facial relieves specific needs: anti-aging, acne, or moisture renewal and retention. Treatment includes ultrasonic exfoliation with steam and enzymes to clear clogged pores and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Followed by a relaxing facial massage, hand and shoulder massage with hot mitts performed with a nutritive blend of conditioning agents. Seaweed extracts complete this facial to achieve improved skin tone, moisture, and balance.

Acne Response Facial – $120
Personalized to treat specific acne issues. Treatment includes enzymes that clear clogged pores, high frequency to kill acne causing bacteria, and green light therapy to combat inflammation.

Anti-Aging Facial – $135
This powerful facial is designed to to combat aging and hyperpigmentation. Packed with vitamin C and Cyto-Luxe stem cell serums, one layer of chemical peel, and two masks (vitamin C and seaweed).

Total Facial Experience – $195
Starting with a custom clinical facial, this skin care treatment also includes epidermal resurfacing and Green LED Light therapy.  Recommended every 2 months to maintain previous anti-aging or acne treatment series.


Enhanced mask – $20
Seaweed, Dead Sea mud, Vitamin C, or chamomile
Epidermal Resurfacing (also known as Dermaplaning) – $50
LED MicroPhototherapy – $50
Chemical peel with lactic or glycolic (one layer only) – $25

Specialty Skin Care Services

Skin Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Treatments

LED Microphototherapy is the ultimate in anti-aging skincare treatments. This non-invasive, non-ablative treatment sends gentle pulses of light and heat energy deep into your skin to stimulate new collagen re-growth that lifts and tightens skin, softening fine lines and wrinkles. It also homogenizes skin tone, increases skin elasticity, and decreases pore size leaving you with a natural radiant glow. Botox-like results are achieved almost immediate and continue to improve over time, all without a needle.

LED MicroPhototherapy Introductory Trial – $125
A basic facial is included.

LED MicroPhototherapy Series
All series appointments include a mini facial with each treatment.  Appointments scheduled at your convenience over a five to ten week period for best results.
10 Treatments$980 ($1,150 value)

Acne Treatments

Using a unique combination of light and heat energy, the Green LED Light therapy effectively clears acne lesions in a third of the time of standard topical and oral treatments. Red and green light penetrates deep into the skin to start a chemical reaction that ultimately destroys the acne at its source. The heat intensifies the process and gently opens the pores to release the clog and soothe the inflammation, achieving dramatically clearer, smoother, acne-free skin.

Green LED Light Therapy Series
Series treatments include mini facial and ultrasonic skin spatula extraction. For optimal results, treatments should be scheduled over a three to five week period.
6 Treatments – $600 (a $720 value)
8 Treatments – $790 (a $950 value)
10 Treatments – $980 (a $1,180 value)

medical grade chemical peel

Chemical Peels

Gently melt away the damaged outer layers of skin, revealing softer, smoother and healthier skin underneath with a chemical peel. Some of the benefits of a medical-grade chemical peel include:

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Correct and improve skin’s texture
  • Reduction of unwanted age spots and sun damage
  • Reduce the appearance of facial scarring due to acne
  • Reveal brighter and healthier looking skin

Chemical peels are personalized based on your skin’s unique needs. From the gentlest lactic acid peel to stronger glycolic, salicylic acid, and Jessner peels. We also offer a TCA peel, one of the most effective peels for evening out pigmentation.  Medical-grade chemical peels have no downtime for healing and can be added to any facial.

Medical Grade Peel Treatment – Starting at $125

Chemical Peel Bootcamp
Five-layer series increasing in strength. Weekly treatments are best for optimal results and recommended to be scheduled later in the day.

4 Treatments – $450

Epidermal Resurfacing

Improve the appearance of rough dry skin, pigmentation spots, mild acne scars, and fine lines and wrinkles resulting in smoother, glowing skin. Medical epidermal resurfacing (dermaplaning) is a simple and safe procedure for physically exfoliating the epidermis with a custom blade and ridding the skin of the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). Hair grows back at the same rate and texture as before and is not darker or thicker. Treatment includes a gel hydration mask.

This treatment is fantastic for patients who are sensitive to peels or cannot be exposed to the chemicals used in medical peels due to pregnancy or nursing.

Epidermal Resurfacing – $170
A custom facial is included for best results.

Skin Classic Treatment

As we age the skin can develop tiny growths and blemishes. While pain-free and physically harmless, these non-cancerous annoyances are generally not treated by a dermatologist, but damage to your appearance and self confidence.Fortunately, most of these irregularities can be treated with high-frequency technology from the Skin Classic machine. Skin Classic works on all skin types and colors and is a non-invasive, laser free, non-scaring, high frequency treatment for minor skin irregularities, such as:

  • Blackheads
  • Brown spots
  • Broken capillaries
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Fibromas
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Keratosis
  • Milia
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia
  • Skin tags
  • Syringomas
  • Sunspots
  • Telangiectasis

Because this technology uses precision dehydration to repair these irregularities, you can expect some redness immediately following treatment. Results are typically seen within 5-10 days when a new fresh layer of unblemished skin grows. During healing, it is important to baby your skin with gentle products and protect with SPF.

Skin Classic Treatment – Starting at $50 per treatment area.

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“Wendy does a fabulous job of “getting to know your face.” She customizes every treatment regimen to your skin and no two facials will be the same. The products she backs to her own makeup line are all truly fabulous. She really is a hidden gem in the western burbs!”

– Sara H.

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