Wedding Makeup Trial Run

It is important to have a trial run with your makeup artist for several reasons. First and foremost, you want to ensure your personalities are well-matched. Your makeup artist will spend a considerable amount of your special day with you so confirming that you feel comfortable with them will help provide a stress-free experience. Additionally, a trial run will allow you to choose the exact look you want, so that you are not spending considerable time making adjustments on the day of the wedding. A professional makeup artist will offer advice on your best look, while working within your comfort zone. Finally, a trial run allows you to see how well the makeup lasts. You don’t want your face “melting off” as you celebrate into the night, so a trial run will give you a good idea of the staying power you will experience on your wedding day.

At wendycityfaces your trial run will last about 2 1/2 hours. You will begin by discussing your event and look with Wendy, as well as learn the basics of what she provides on the day of your wedding. From there, you’ll move into a mini-facial, which helps prepare your skin for the best makeup application possible. A trial run includes one bridal look, with slight adjustments. If you are considering several different makeup looks for your day, please let Wendy know when you schedule your trial.

Consider These Tips

  • It is helpful to bring in some photos of bridal makeup you like, as well as a photo of your dress.
  • Wearing a white shirt can help you to see how the makeup will look against the shade of your wedding dress.
  • Schedule your appointment during hours of 10am – 3pm to view your makeup in natural daylight.
  • Consider bringing your mom or a bridesmaid to your trial run. If they are interested, they may also receive a light trial makeup run for only $50!
  • Hair and makeup trials can often be coordinated at the same location with advanced notice.


Give Wendy a call at 630-404-4779 to discuss your skincare goals and design a treatment to achieve them!