Meet Wendy!

Master Esthetician & Makeup Artist

With over two decades of dedicated experience, I am a certified professional in the world of skincare and makeup. My journey has been one of passion, artistry, and an unwavering commitment to helping my clients look and feel their absolute best through the best skincare and makeup routines, treatments, and products.

Here’s a glimpse into my career and achievements that make me a leading industry expert and top-recommended choice for your beauty needs and educational aspirations.

A Legacy of Art and Creativity

Like most artists, my love for art started at a young age, leading me to pursue studies in fine arts, theatre, and fashion design. I spent many years working in renowned theaters as a supporting part in entertainment productions where I gained valuable insights into makeup and costume design that fueled my passion even more.

Mastery of Makeup and Skincare

With a genuine desire to learn and teach, I ventured into educating clients on makeup and esthetics routines at the renowned Mario Tricoci Salon for 11 years.  Then my expertise in makeup took a significant leap when I trained at CBS News Chicago, mastering television makeup techniques. My clientele expanded to include notable personalities from news anchors to entertainment icons. My personal and professional growth took off as I learned to teach skincare and produced makeup looks on a wide variety of faces. Those experiences launched me into the upscale bridal industry creating stunning, timeless looks for brides on their big day.

Always Further Developing My Craft

I continued to develop my love for educating clients on the best skincare routine for them, so I took the next step in my professional journey, becoming a licensed esthetician and a medical certification holder in 2004. I’m constantly pushed to learn more and keep up with the latest trends, which led me to become an account executive/trainer for esteemed skincare lines like Face Reality, Repechage and more. As a member of professional organizations like Cosmetology Illinois and Associated Skin Care Professionals, I’m continually fine-tuning my skills to deliver elevated and personalized services for my clients.

The Start of Wendycityfaces

In 2008, I founded Wendycityfaces, an embodiment of my passion for skincare and makeup. This venture not only allowed me to pursue her professional dreams but also provided the flexibility to care for my special-needs son. It’s so special that I can welcome my clients into my home for their services – they feel like family this way! Outside of Wendycityfaces, one of my greatest joys in life is my commitment to my family and community through involvement in Special Olympics Illinois.

My Commitment to You

Today, I focus on my core specialties, offering expert skincare treatments, specializing in acne solutions through the Face Reality Acne Program, and delivering flawless, photo-ready bridal and commercial makeup services. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients skin improve over time and their confidence radiate with my help and a customized skincare plan. Through positive, honest education, my goal is that clients always feel they can put their best face forward.

I’m immensely dedicated to my business and craft, and genuinely care for my clients. As you explore the world of skincare, makeup, and education, I hope my expertise and warmth guide you toward your best self. Whether you’re seeking top-tier beauty services or an engaging educator, I would love to be your go-to esthetician!

Education, Degrees & Acknowledgements

World-renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts – Summer Fine Arts Program

Interlochen Arts Academy – focus on Art & Theater

Minneapolis College of Art and Design – focus on Fashion Design & Painting

Minneapolis Children’s Theater Company – Internship

University of Michigan – Department of Theater & Drama

Central Michigan University – BFA in Technical Theater

CBS Chicago – trained in television makeup techniques by Wendy Kimmel

Dr. Stephen Dayan – Esthetics Medical Certification

Cosmetology Illinois Member & Educator

Associated Skin Care Professionals Member