Mature Eye Makeup

By Published On: April 19, 2023Categories: Wendy’s Wisdom

My favorite look to teach my clients is the mature eye look. I’m in my mid 60’s, and I have some drooping eye. I’ve mastered a few tricks on how to lift the eye. Here is a step by step guide that will give a very natural illusion of a lifted and open eye.

  1. Use a shadow crayon over the lid. I’m using the Glow Eye Shadow in the shade metro here. When you use a darker color on the lid of your lash, it gives a lifted effect.
  2. Take the crayon and work it over your lid to make it a little bit darker.
  3. Buff the edges with a blender brush while lifting up near your brow. It will add a lot of depth and open up your eyes. 
  4. Next use the Color Lab Gel Pencil.
  5. Lift the lid and work the gel pencil into the lash line. Make sure to not start with a line over your whole eyelid, under is key here. 
  6. Work into the lash just enough to get a little rub into the lashes.
  7. Drop your eye and start to work into the bottom lid.
  8. Avoid the center and focus on the edge of the bottom lash line.
  9. Complete your look add some blush from the fresh Contour Blush Palette.
  10. Start at the back of your cheekbone and give it a little color through the apple of your cheek.
  11. Finish with a touch of my new Wendy City Faces lip color posey.


Glow Eye Shadow Crayon – comes in cream, navy, browns, reds

Color Lab Gel Pencil – comes in black, brown, navy

Contour Blush Palette – come in pink and coral

Wendy City Lip Color – posey

Now get out there and show off your fresh spring look! & make sure to come see me soon.