Lightening And Brightening Your Skin

Mary Ellen came to me wanting to look her best for her 25th wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony. I start all my facials with a complementary skin consultation before proceeding with treatment. Her main concerns were her adult breakout, and she also had confused combination skin, which was a result of the product [...]

Lightening And Brightening Your Skin2017-08-29T03:26:44-05:00

Don’t Skimp On Your Skincare

Your face is the only one you’re going to get, make sure you are taking good care of it with quality skincare products. The skincare industry can be very confusing. To help make sense of it, you should be talking with a licensed esthetician who can steer you in the [...]

Don’t Skimp On Your Skincare2017-08-02T03:13:29-05:00

Chemical Peels: Debunking The Myth

When the words “chemical peel” are mentioned, many people immediately imagine the horrors displayed in movies, but the myth of painful raw, red skin needs to be debunked. The truth is that chemical grade peels are varying strength of fruit acids applied with expert care. Slight tingling is managed during [...]

Chemical Peels: Debunking The Myth2017-07-18T03:07:37-05:00

Problem Skin Transformed

The quest for good skin, or repairing problem skin, comes from a combination of good services and product. Angie is a great example. Angie is getting married in August and was very upset about the state of her skin. She suffered from extremely oily but dehydrated, raw, breakout ridden skin. She tried to [...]

Problem Skin Transformed2017-07-05T02:50:40-05:00

5 Minute Face

Need to get out the door fast, but want to put your best face forward? Wendy can help by teaching you her routine for a quick 5 minute makeup application.

5 Minute Face2016-08-02T02:35:52-05:00